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Pillen hires Allan Urlis as deputy communications director [Video]

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Gov. Jim Pillen arrives to give his closing remarks the Capitol on April 18, which marked the last day of the Nebraska’s 2024 legislative session. Pillen’s office hired its latest deputy communications director last week. 

Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen tabbed a new deputy communications director this month, marking the latest addition to the first-term governor’s communications office.

Pillen’s office hired Allan Urlis, who previously worked for Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services, within the last week, said Laura Strimple, Pillen’s communications director.

Urlis — who spent 12 years working as a self-employed communications consultant as part of a decades-long career in media relations in Iowa prior to joining HHS in June 2023  replaces Jacy Schafer on the team tasked with interacting with the press on Pillen’s behalf.

Schafer, who left Pillen’s office in March after working there for nine months, accepted a job as the communications director for U.S. Rep. Kevin …

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