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The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
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Celebrating 10 years of The Foundry: A place for creative minds [Video]

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Megan McNally, a wife and mom and woodworker, created The Foundry, a place for entrepreneurs, students, and just about anyone, to turn their ideas into reality.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — From the outside, it looks like just another old warehouse in Buffalo’s Masten Park neighborhood. But go inside The Foundry on Northampton Street and you’ll find a bustling maker-space.

“It’s a place of possibilities,” said The Foundry’s executive director Megan McNally. 

McNally is a woodworker by trade, but she started The Foundry 10 years ago to help other struggling entrepreneurs.

“The reality is, it’s really hard to run a business and the non-traditional trades as a woman. You get treated differently, and I just really wanted to create a safe space for folks to kind of explore and get into running their own businesses,” said McNally. “Having those experiences as a woodworker, I just didn’t want other people to experience that. Building together and learning from each other was really organic but then intentional after that.”

The Foundry is an …

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