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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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Building a Fitness Media Empire: Your Blueprint to Success! with Jay and Steph Rose [Video]

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Building a Fitness Media Empire: Your Blueprint to Success! with Jay and Steph Rose

Building a Fitness Media Empire: Your Blueprint to Success! with Jay and Steph Rose

Today’s guests, Jay Rose and Steph Rose, are the powerhouse couple behind Phase SiX, a fitness media brand that’s focused on athletic performance, education, entertainment, and content creation.

Fueled by a vision and what little savings they had, two immigrants embarked on a six-month journey across the US, to absorb as much knowledge as they possibly could from leading experts in the world of fitness. This adventure became the foundation for a global multimedia company.

At the core of their success lies the Phase SiX: Content Dojo in Austin, Texas—a state-of-the-art multimedia hub that transcends traditional fitness spaces and gym models, merging cinematic quality content with social media engagement and the home for many fitness creators.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

✅ Jay and Steph’s inspiring entrepreneurial story and how they built global fitness media brand with over 2 million followers.

✅ The common pitfalls that lead most businesses to failure.

✅ The secret to building a strong relationship that stands the test of time – including how Jay & Steph both empowered each other to create a business and life that they love.

Key Takeaways with Jay and Steph Rose

00:00 Introduction
04:50 Jay’s leap of faith
09:10 Escaping the rat race to pursue a dream
12:40 From Uber driver to Phase SiX
18:30 The magnetic pull of the American Dream
26:30 Tough times create tough people
32:25 Greatness is on the other side of fear
37:10 Battling through visa and immigration troubles
41:15 Growing a business amidst Covid
46:50 Creating the ultimate content dojo
54:05 Why relationships are key to success

Want to listen to the full interview with Jay & Steph Rose? Visit http://justindonald.com/172

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About Jay and Steph Rose

Steph Rose is the co-founder of Phase SiX. She is a Kettlebell and Mobility specialist and combines these two practices to build a perfect balance of strength and body awareness. For Steph, correct movement and nutritional optimization are the two key components of a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Jay Rose is the CEO and co-founder of Phase SiX. Jay has an undeniable passion for creating a more ‘functional’ and time-efficient way to train by combining strength and mobility movements simultaneously, to gain results whilst focusing on improving recovery and longevity.

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