How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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6 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Dream | DR. JOHN DEMARTINI [Video]

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6 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Dream | DR. JOHN DEMARTINI

In this new episode of Unlock Your Potential, I am thrilled to welcome back the insightful Dr. John Demartini, a distinguished human behavior expert, polymath, and author of over 40 self-development books.

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Dr. Demartini begins by imparting invaluable tips on productivity and prioritizing activities, particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their effectiveness.

Midway through the episode, we explore the concept that challenges are part of the human experience. Dr. Demartini shares an empowering perspective, stating, “If you’re not pursuing challenges that inspire you, you’re attracting challenges that don’t.”

By the end of the episode, we explore a crucial question: What is stopping you from achieving your dreams? It’s about asking quality questions to free ourselves from those things that bring us down.

I hope you enjoy this episode and learn valuable insights to help you achieve your dreams. 

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00:00 Coming up
01:00 Introduction to John
03:15 Prioritizing and delegating
06:45 How to achieve your dream
21:45 Delayed gratification
22:45 Awaken your astronomical vision
26:00 Separating pain from pleasure
30:25 Pursuing challenges
32:45 Being successful vs being on a mission
38:30 Be, do, and have
42:30 Learning to prioritize perception
52:30 What’s holding us back
55:20 Crusade against happiness
58:30 Where to find Dr. Demartini

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