How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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Nextdoor Introduces Local Deals for Targeting Specific Neighborhoods [Video]

Small Business Marketing

Neighborhood social network Nextdoor introduced a way for local businesses to take advantage of its hyperlocal targeting capabilities.

The new Local Deals option enables businesses, service providers and neighbors for hire to promote sales, discounts or other incentives to new and existing customers in specific neighborhoods via the Nextdoor platform, paying to communicate solely with the people they want to reach.

Starting Tuesday in the U.S. with plans for a global rollout next year, businesses that have set up their free business pages on Nextdoor can create Local Deals.

Nextdoor said in a blog post that 90% of consumers make the majority of their purchases within 15 minutes of their homes, citing research by Access Development.

The company added that members will see Local Deals in areas of Nextdoor that they are already using to search for local spots or neighbor recommendations.

Businesses choose the neighborhoods they want to target, and their Local Deals will appear …

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