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7 Invisible Obstacles to Digital Marketing Success
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New Instagram Updates 2024: Features You’ll Actually Use [Video]

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New Instagram Updates 2024: Features You’ll Actually Use

Get ready to discover the latest Instagram updates for 2024! I’m breaking down the latest must-know Instagram updates. In this video, I cover everything from banishing ghost followers with the new automatic removal tool and exploring revamped sticker designs (including AI stickers!) to upgraded messaging features like editing sent messages, pinning chats, and controlling read receipts. Plus, I cover the new looping profile photo option in ‘notes’, the latest safety features, and how to use Instagram Live from your desktop. This is your one-stop video for all the latest Instagram features and trends. Upgrade your Instagram strategy with these hot new updates and features for 2024!

Instagram Announces New Messaging Improvements: https://philp.al/3wSKGOZ
Remove spam followers & other safety features: https://philp.al/495dPUI
Instagram’s 2024 “Trend Talk”: https://philp.al/3U8YGxo
“Public collections” allegedly in the works: https://philp.al/4bkBXVB
Selfie videos in Notes: https://philp.al/3u4NI1n
Ecamm for Instagram Live-streaming: http://philp.al/ecamm

🎬 Chapters:
0:00 Introduction to Instagram Updates
0:32 1. Removing Ghost Followers Easily
1:24 2. Updated AI Stickers in Stories
2:03 3. New Instagram Messaging Features
2:45 4. Alleged “Public Collections” Feature
3:50 5. Looping Selfie Videos for Notes
4:40 6. Instagram Safety Updates
5:43 7. Live Streaming Updates
6:03 Conclusion

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