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How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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Mayor Frey touts Ownership and Opportunity Fund [Video]

Small Business Funding

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey kicked off the last weekend of Black History month by touring a minority-owned business that benefitted from the city’s Ownership and Opportunity Fund.

“This month we’re celebrating the incredible Black-0wned businesses that we have throughout our city, that should be celebrated not just during the month of February, but year-round,” said Frey at Wenrich Construction, located in small but vibrant Greystone building in the North Loop neighborhood.

The business owned by Wendy Sullivan received a $600,000 grant from the Ownership and Opportunity Fund in 2022.

That allowed Sullivan to buy the building and the land it sits on.

Now she has a full staff in her growing construction, fencing, and interior demolition business, and also has enough room in her place to house other budding entrepreneurships.

“It changed the trajectory of my business,” Sullivan said. “To be able to own my space, to have equity and …

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