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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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Georgia liquor store loses license over church locations [Video]

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The community rallied behind the small business to help open its doors.

THOMASTON, Ga. — An old law on the books is sparking a spirited debate in Thomaston, Georgia.

The city is divided over a law that’s preventing a locally-owned liquor store from opening its doors.

“I’m not a crier, but this town has brought me to tears,” Steve Duke said about the support he’s seen.

He stepped out on faith to open Duke’s Wine and Spirits. The City of Thomaston approved his plan in 2022. But a year later, the Department of Revenue denied the State Liquor License. Officials said the holy spirit is quite literally too close.

Georgia law cites that a liquor store must be more than 100 yards away from a church. One church is 71 yards away from Duke’s Wine and Spirits, and another is now 85 yards away.

But those churches weren’t always there – nor are they clearly visible.

“I realize we live …

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