How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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Elevate Your Mindset in 2024 | Unlock Your Potential with Jeff Lerner [Video]

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Elevate Your Mindset in 2024 | Unlock Your Potential with Jeff Lerner

The new year brings a new opportunity to embark on a journey of self-improvement and success with a brand-new mindset.

Discover Your Success Path TODAY! πŸ‘‰

In this video, I’ve made a mash-up of the most insightful conversations featuring renowned individuals who have mastered the art of building a mindset for success.

Join me as we delve into the wisdom of:

Ed Mylett: A global speaker, coach, and entrepreneur who shares advice on building self-confidence from trauma experiences.

Marisa Peer: Globally acclaimed therapist known for her impact on hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

John Assaraf: One of the world’s leading success coaches shares how our brain works when building a mindset.

Natasha Graziano: Life coach and motivational speaker, talks about how your belief system and the law of attraction are important to building your reality.

Dean Graziosi: New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and investor, providing practical advice on self-education and commitment as keys to succeed.

I hope you enjoy this mash-up video and feel with a renewed sense of motivation and a mindset tailored for success.

01:00 Ed: The power of One more
07:00 Ed: Stop looking for the stuff, going for the emotions
09:45 Ed: The life-changing experience
11:45 Ed: The meaning we attach to the events
15:00 Marisa: I’m enough
17:30 Marisa: Therapy to fix your pain
19:30 Marisa: Understanding your mind
23:15 Marisa: The winning mentality
25:45 Marisa: Linking pleasure to success
30:45 Marisa: Motivation to success
32:00 John: The human brain
34:45 John: 3 things that will get in your way
40:45 John: How to be a high-performance entrepreneur
43:30 John: The brain’s number one responsibility
45:40 John: Traumatic experiences
46:30 John: How to β€œdrive” the two parts of our brain: Frankenstein and Einstein
48:40 Natasha: We are our thoughts
50:30 Natasha: The Law of Attraction
51:50 Natasha: Reticular Activating System
55:50 Natasha: Be the architect of your life
58:00 Natasha: The best exercise to reframe your life
01:02:50 Dean: Self Education
01:06:35 Dean: Going deeper into the entrepreneurial journey
01:08:35 Dean: What’s holding you back

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