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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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Apple quietly made a small, unannounced change inside the iPhone 14 that makes it ‘the most repairable iPhone in years’ for DIY-ers [Video]


A small change in the architecture of the new iPhone 14 makes the phone easier for DIY repairs.

The iPhone 14 can be opened from the front and back just by unscrewing two screws, according to how-to website iFixit. Those screws secure the back glass and front screen of the phone.

The design change is also significant because the iPhone 14 is the first new iPhone to launch since Apple began its self-repair program, allowing iPhone owners to buy genuine Apple replacement parts and rent the tools needed to conduct the repair directly from the company.

According to iFixit, having both sides accessible adds other technical challenges, such as having an extra side to seal for protection against water, and potential issues with radio frequency.

All of the internal parts of the iPhone 14 — the parts responsible for satellite signaling to use 5G, GPS, wifi, and Bluetooth — are put on one midframebehind the screen. The …

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