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A Brief History of Sexy Colonel Sanders [Video]

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Is it weird to turn a decades-dead fried chicken entrepreneur into a modern sex symbol?

Hell yeah it’s weird. But when it comes to Colonel Sanders’ recent rotation through reimagined identities, several of which have been unsettlingly sexualized in nature, there’s a method to the brand’s marketing madness.

The past few years have seen iconic chain founder Harland Sanders reborn as the centerpiece of a literary bodice-ripper, a lithe and tattooed virtual influencer, an entire troupe of erotic dancers, a Nashville musical heartthrob and, most recently, the romantic quarry of a digital dating simulator.

So why turn such a traditionally wholesome mascot—based on a real person—into a sexy social media star? Why sell chicken with beefcake? Why is KFC suddenly so DTF?

The ‘Chickendales’ dancers worked their magic for Mother’s Day.KFC

The answer is because, like all of us, the Colonel is complex. He’s a man of many facets, quite a few of which have been explored by …

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