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What are the prizes for 2022 Presidents Cup? [Video]

This year, the Presidents Cup is giving away more than $2 million. A majority of that money will go to Charlotte-based nonprofits.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — What do this year’s Presidents Cup winners take home?

Let’s connect the dots.

Over the course of four days of competition one team is working to emerge victorious.

The Presidents Cup has a unique scoring system with teams earning points every day of the competition. The first team to reach 15 and a half points wins the cup. But a tie is possible, and that means both teams could have to share the trophy.

That trophy is a 24-carat gold and silver prize. It’s made by a silversmith with the jeweler Tiffany and Company. The 28-pound Presidents Cup trophy took 80 hours to make.

But even if a team doesn’t win, they can still walk away with something. Each player receives $150,000 to give to a charity of their choice.

This year, the Presidents Cup

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