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3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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Turning $0 Into $100 Million: How To Make So Much Money You Question Its Meaning | Alex Hormozi [Video]


Turning $0 Into $100 Million: How To Make So Much Money You Question Its Meaning | Alex Hormozi

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Join me for this power-packed episode of Impact Theory with revolutionary entrepreneur Alex Hormozi. Today’s episode is for the person who’s looking for the ultimate traits for success and how to harness them for your benefit.

Alex has proven that he embodies the 3 traits of the ultra-successful: a superiority complex, crippling insecurity, and impulse control. As he points out, it’s not enough to just have these traits to be successful. We delve into these paradoxical attributes and discuss how they can fuel your ambitions.

Alex shares why his mantra – “What amount of action would it be unreasonable for me not to be successful?” has led to $100 million success. He challenges the notion of being “too busy” and offers actionable advice on overcoming this obstacle. If you’re just starting out or aiming for six or seven figures, this conversation is a goldmine of insights.

With Alex’s Rule of 100, we’ll guide you on how to reward and punish yourself to start achieving goals big and small. We also explore how to filter large data sets for higher business results – a skill Alex mastered while building his multimillion-dollar empire.
Get ready to question your core beliefs, stop wasting time, and build a winning identity. Subscribe now and let’s embark on this journey together. Let’s not just aim for bigger; let’s strive for better.

Chapter Markers:
[00:00] Intro to 3 Traits of the Ultra Successful
[14:00] Sell Your Way to Success
[25:37] Question Your Core Beliefs
[37:02] Stop Wasting Time (Card)
[1:09:41] If You’re Broke Do This
[1:30:06] How to Achieve Any Goal
[1:49:42] Build A Winning Identity
[2:05:20] The Physics of Business

Money Making Quotes from Alex Hormozi:

“If you can wait a year, you can make a ton of money, [..] if you can wait a decade, you’re going to be above the 1%, […] and if you can wait a lifetime and you don’t even need to see the result of your doing this even while you are alive, […] then I believe you can change the world.”

“Don’t worry about winning a championship ring, worry very much about becoming capable of a championship performance.” -Tom Bilyeu

“Giving clarity to someone on a decision is a tremendous value.”

“If you sell properly you can talk to an empowered person, and you have to sift through the crap they are telling themselves.”

“It’s the beliefs that we have about our emotions that drive us mad.”

“You solve sadness through knowledge, you solve anxiety through decisions.”

“Experts are not more disciplined than you, they’ve just found more ways to win.”

“Values are skills you can train.”

“If many variables are present, many variables must be studied.”

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