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How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing

TikToker Keith Lee who helps support small food businesses surprises Brooklyn bakery owner on ‘Good Morning America’ [Video]

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NEW YORK — Keith Lee has become a viral sensation for his food reviews on TikTok that help bring new customers and new life into struggling small businesses. The food creator recently took his talents to the Big Apple for a sweet surprise.

On Thursday, Lee joined “Good Morning America” to meet Akim Vann, owner of Bakery on Bergen in Brooklyn, and deliver a treat that doesn’t come from a pastry case.

Eight years ago Vann started her business in the heart of Brooklyn with a goal to invest back into her neighborhood and serve as a role model to kids in the community.

“My mom really took leadership into her own hands in terms of curating a space that wasn’t just for her,” her son Chi Osse told “GMA.”

Vann’s friend Anita Bushell explained that the small business owner tapped into “her extraordinary math skills” to “set up this additional kind of framework within the bakery, where she …

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