Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has called purchasing the XFL from Vince McMahon the “easiest” decision he’s ever made.

After McMahon’s second dive into the world of professional football ended abruptly in 2020, Johnson and business partner Dany Garcia purchased the league in August of that year.

While speaking to ESPN, the former WWE Champion was asked why he decided to buy the XFL with his investment partners. He explained:

“It was an ability to create a league that I wish I had when I was around. I was a good player. I had great, what Coach Ed Orgeron used to say, I had ‘great upper body violence.’ Which is a compliment.”

“The allure of this was my long-time business partner Dany Garcia. She says, ‘I have this crazy idea, let’s go buy the XFL, and immediately it was the easiest ‘yes’ I ever said because we both knew we had an opportunity to not …