We’ve got a fantastic guest joining us today – Camilla Young, who’s leading the next generation of barcodes program for GS1 UK.  For those who aren’t familiar, GS1 is a global organisation that plays a key role in setting standards for how products are identified and tracked throughout the supply chain.

Now, we all know the classic barcode, but what if we told you a little square with even more information could be taking its place? That’s where QR codes powered by GS1 come in!

In this episode, we’ll be chatting with Camilla about:

  • The big shift: We’ll delve into the global transition from traditional barcodes to QR codes powered by GS1.
  • What’s under the hood? We’ll explore what exactly these GS1-powered QR codes are and how they work.
  • Why the change? We’ll discuss why GS1 is leading this transition and the benefits it holds for businesses like yours.

Host: Prabhat Shah 

Guest: Camilla Young ( https://www.gs1uk.org/ )