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The Directors Journey with Lucy Gaffy [Video]

Behind the scenes of ‘Suburban Wildlife’ | Dir. Imogen McCluskey | Photo: Chelsea Thistlewaite

You’ve learned the basics of directing, but how do you become a working director and build a sustainable career? This eight-week, 100% online course is designed for emerging filmmakers, offering insight into the role of the director to help take your craft to the next level. Led by award-winning and multi-talented director, Lucy Gaffy, you’ll develop your directing knowledge and skills from the comfort of your own home.

Working with the screenplay from a multi-award-winning film, you’ll learn about the preparation, work and insider knowledge needed for the many facets of a director’s role.

The weekly video chat sessions will provide you with insights and knowledge to improve your directorial skill set and apply it to your own projects and career development.

Topics covered include analysing screenplay structure and scene analysis, working with actors, communicating your …

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