Small Business Growth

How to start a small business on facebook/ How to grow business using facebook/ Earn with facebook [Video]

#Trade Tech, #Online earning techniques#How to start a small business on facebook#First select your business catagory. Select a best selling specific product using google search tool. Purchase the products from a company in bulk. Keep a stock of three months. Contact with a courier service provider. Get the services Cash on delivery. Pack your products with your own lable. Create a facebook page using your own business logo. Put the images and other details of your product on facebook page with your whatsapp No. Share the post with your friends and groups. Boost your post using facebook boost option.#How to start a small business on facebook#How to sell the products on facebook #Facebook #Online earning with facebook#How to earn with small budjet#How to grow my business on facebook #How to expand my business#Earn using facebook#Online shop#Shop on facebook#Trade Tech#trade tech