3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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Steven Bartlett interview: The Dragon who talked his way up to the skies [Video]

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What would be your next move after creating one of the world’s most popular podcasts? Perhaps you’d rest on your laurels and milk this success with spin-off deals. For Steven Bartlett, wunderkind star of the BBC Dragons’ Den and business impresario extraordinaire, it’s just a stepping stone to play in a bigger pond. 

Not content with seeing his Diary of a CEO (DOAC) show become Apple’s #1 podcast of 2023 and rack up almost 400m views on YouTube, Bartlett is launching Flight Studio, a swanky “podcast growth platform” with a global production footprint and an HQ that is firmly based in London.

This is no surprise, given that he has made his feelings about operating within the capital crystal clear. 

“It’s funny because sometimes people think that London chose innovation, but I think innovation chose London,” he said during our fireside chat at Zebu Live (see video).

The latest mission is to apply exactly the same geeky methods that propelled …

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