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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You

Scarlett Johansson Shares Her Cannes Skincare Routine [Video]

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Scarlett Johansson hasn’t been to Cannes since she was 20 years old. But looking at her skin, you wouldn’t even believe 18 years have passed. She walked the red carpet for the world premiere of her new Wes Anderson movie Asteroid City. In a very meta role that Anderson wrote specifically for Johansson, the two-time Oscar nominee plays an actress playing an actress.

In real life, Johansson is stepping foot into entrepreneurship. In 2021, after five years of research, the woman who was once the face of L’oreal Paris, co-created The Outset, a vegan, allergy-free beauty line with entrepreneur and former fashion and beauty executive, Kate Foster. Unlike many celebrity beauty brands that choose eponymous labels, Johansson focused on creating a brand featuring clean, simple, affordable products that hold their own without her famous name. The products are super hydrating and contain a plant-based alternative to hyaluronic acidthat Johansson and Foster have dubbed …

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