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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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Philadelphia journalist Josh Kruger is shot and killed by intruder in his two-story townhouse: Suspect shot him seven times in the abdomen and chest before fleeing [Video]

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A journalist and advocate who rose from homelessness and addiction to work social media for his city’s mayor was shot and killed at his home early Monday.

The incident happened overnight in Philly, and left 39-year-old Josh Kruger collapsed on the street outside his Point Breeze home, police said.

An incident report further revealed how Kruger, at about 1:30am ET, was shot a total of seven times during the home invasion, and that the suspect – or suspects – are still at large.

It also revealed how Kruger – who worked for five years in his city’s government from 2016 to 2021 – survived the initial encounter, and was able to make it outside to seek help before succumbing to his wounds about a half hour later at a local hospital.

Kruger is now being remembered by both the city’s DA and his old boss, who issued a statement recalling …

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