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5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags

Paradise damaged sign removal program | Local [Video]

Small Business Funding

The Town of Paradise received funding to help facilitate the removal of abandoned signage from businesses closed down after the Camp Fire.

PARADISE, Calif. – Literal signs of the Camp Fire wreckage are still scattered across town, but now there is a plan to help businesses remove them. 

The first step for businesses to remove a sign is to fill out an application, and the Town of Paradise Commercial Sign Removal Program is offering grants to the first applicants and will pay for any damaged signs or undamaged signs located next to a vacant lot to be removed. 

Action News Now spoke to one lady who said the old signs are a painful reminder of what Paradise used to be.

“They’re a little bit upsetting because you know it reminds me of what used to be and what was there, memories that I’m not going to have anymore but at the same …

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