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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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My RAW* Unmedicated Natural Birth Story || Labor & Delivery [Video]

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My RAW* Unmedicated Natural Birth Story || Labor & Delivery

Re-uploaded video due to glitch:
Everyone has their own unique birth story. Join me as I share the incredible journey of my precipitous natural birth, a miraculous experience that defied conventional norms. With unwavering faith and belief in the divine, I embarked on a path that led to an extraordinary deliveryโ€”no hospital, no epidural, and absolutely no medication. This was the birth I had prayed and envisioned, a testament to the power of faith and the miraculous ways in which God works.

In this video, I recount the intense yet empowering moments of my labor, highlighting the overwhelming sense of connection to a higher power (Jesus) that guided me through every step. It was a supernatural experienceโ€”one filled with awe-inspiring moments and a profound connection to the divine.

Through this story, I aim to inspire and uplift others, showing that with faith, determination, and trust, anything is possible. My journey is a testament to the strength within us and the miraculous outcomes that await when we believe in the power beyond ourselves.

Join me in celebrating the beauty of childbirth and the incredible ways in which faith can lead us to the most extraordinary experiences.

00:00 Birth Sneak Peak
00:41 Natural Birth Backstory
20:09 Giving Birth – Raw clip

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00:00 Birth Sneak Peak
00:41 Natural Birth Backstory
20:09 Giving Birth – Raw clip

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