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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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Mock Mikel Arteta all you want, but his Salt Bae experience could prove to be the turning point in Arsenal’s season [Video]

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THE last person you want to be seen with when you’re under the microscope is Salt Bae.

The Turkish butcher – born Nusret Gokce – has a habit of luring the high and mighty of the celebrity world to his gold-covered steak restaurants.

Mikel Arteta was fed steak by Salt BaeCredit: X
The manager visited his restaurant in DubaiCredit: X

The likes of David Beckham, Lionel Messi and even Pep Guardiola have been snapped alongside the fame-hungry, salt-sprinkling entrepreneur in the past.

And last week, it was Mikel Arteta’s turn. While out in Dubai for a warm-weather winter training camp, the Spaniard paid a visit to one of Salt Bae’s celebrity venues.

To the horror and amusement of fans on social media, Arteta had a piece of steak placed in his mouth by the tanned Turk, the former grinning profusely throughout.

The pessimist will suggest this was a bad PR move – a clip that will be cut, flipped, reshot and reused to mock the Gunners boss again …

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