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Make the Creamiest Scrambled Eggs of Your Life With a Little Dijon [Video]

I have, in my life, put many different things and stuff into scrambled eggs. Cornstarch, cream of tartar, mirin, anchovies, and olive juice are just a few of the egg add-ins I have tasted and loved. But all of them pale in comparison to Dijon mustard, which has quite literally blown my mind just now.

The idea is not a Claire Lower original, but it is now a Claire Lower go-to. The tip was posted on Twitter (which I still prefer vastly to TikTok) by author and editor Alexander Chee, and I am so glad I tried it out immediately.

Adding a teaspoon of a Dijon mustard to the batter for scrambled eggs with cheese has brought me so much pleasure this year.

— Alexander Chee (@alexanderchee) September 22, 2022

Chee goes on to add that he got the hack from the following video, which is worth watching in its own right. It’s full of good scramble tips, …

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