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Letter: Did SLCs public officials really need to fly to Miami to consider its homeless plan? [Video]

Regarding the article, “Can Florida’s ap­proach to home­less­ness work in Utah? SLC mayor thinks it can.”

“Erin Litvak, Salt Lake County deputy mayor, said the Miami trip was ‘eye-opening from a community-wide standpoint.’ Instead of being siloed, Litvak said, the criminal justice system and agencies addressing homelessness and behavioral health should work as one.”

All these Salt Lake City public officials flew to Miami and back to Salt Lake City to come to this conclusion?

They could have saved taxpayers money and gone to a Salt Lake City Denny’s to sit around a table and discuss Miami’s plan at

Other large, medium and small cities have homeless plans available online. Are the cell phones and laptops of these folks siloed?

Seems like an expensive, taxpayer-funded working vacation.

Well at least the trip jarred some common sense about all involved Salt Lake City homeless resources working together.

Give me a break.

Brian Dempsey, Salt …

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