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Kelowna mayoral candidate helps evict squatters from problem property Sicamous Eagle Valley News [Video]

A residence in Rutland that had been taken over by squatters is now vacant, after a Kelowna mayoral candidate and businessman was asked to set in and help.

David Habib was contacted by the out-of-town homeowner after calls to the police and city were unsuccessful at removing the individuals from the boarded-up two-storey house in the 200-block of Nickel Road, said Habib.

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Habib explained that his experience working with the community has equipped him with the skills to have a productive discussion with those inside the home.

On the evening of Sept. 29, the house was vacated and on Sept. 30, Habib and a crew of contractors from Demolition King were on the property clearing out the residence.

Habib said that they had a needle collection team go through the property before the contractors …

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