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Is this $3.5 million mortgage loan lead-generation business worth it? – Acquisitions Anonymous ep126 [Video]

Is this $3.5 million mortgage loan lead-generation business worth it? – Acquisitions Anonymous ep126

Michael Girdley (@Girdley) Bill D’Alessandro (@BillDA) and Mills Snell (@thegeneralmills), we talk about a top-rated lead generation portfolio of sites for the mortgage loan industry in Missouri, Columbia. We’ll see if this is a good or a bad deal. Together we will dissect the website and see if this is safe and worth trying.
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Acquisitions Anonymous episode 126

Show Notes:

(0:00) – Introduction
(0:35) – Our Sponsor is
(1:55) – Deal & financials: A Mortgage loan lead generator site
(2:25) – What’s the story of this deal?
(5:09) – How does this deal work and what’s the value they’re selling?
(7:43) – Why is this deal outlandish?
(9:42) – How does this business generate leads?
(10:41) – What stands out in this listing? Girdley’s expert take.
(13:18) – Why does this deal deserve a shot?
(14:34) – What are the competitive advantages and target market?
(19:55) – Is there a reason to believe this is not defensible?
(23:55) – What’s interesting about website properties?

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