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Intro to Producing & Screen Business [Video]

On the set of ‘Somewhere In Between’ | Dir. Emily Boyard and Elise Cociuban

Explore the role of a Producer

“What does a Producer do?” In this introductory, seminar-style course you will get a good insight into the role – and how much it varies across different types of content. You will become familiar with the workflows of a producer in both TV, film and creative agencies, and learn the most effective and efficient ways to produce a project. You’ll get real world advice, case studies and information on how money influences the creative decisions you will be making.

Delivered by AFTRS MASB Program Convenor Peter Herbert, and industry expert Dr. Pieter Aquilia.

Explore the different roles of Producers, the need to understand Screen Business practice, finance and funding, legal and insurance issues, and the major stages from concept through to marketing the finished product.

Get knowledge about building a creative team, script development, research and …

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