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I tried a 1 meal plan to see if it was any good – it totally divided our family but with a few changes itd be great [Video]

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A HOME cook decided to try out a popular budget meal plan to see if it tasted as good as its price tag – but there were majorly mixed results for each dish. 

Looking to save some money in the kitchen, Charlotte Heal-Cohen turned to BBC Food’s recipe bank, specifically their vegetarian family £1 recipes meal plan. 

Charlotte decided to try out the £1 meal plan from BBC FoodCredit: tiktok/@charlottecohencooks
The keen cook made dishes including pies and pastaCredit: tiktok/@charlottecohencooks

Charlotte was keen to see if the plan – which covers a week’s worth of meat free dinners for four adults but uses mostly leftovers and supermarket deals – would be a hit with her family or not.

And she was equally intrigued to see if the recipes would create tasty dishes when they only cost £28 for seven days, which works out as £7 per person for the entire week. 

Once she’d made and sampled the dishes with her family, …

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