How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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how to protect your online data [Video]

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DENVER — Every time you go online to read an article or shop or catch up on the latest social media trends, your data is being collected.

That data includes your name, email, age, likes and dislikes, browsing history, IP address, location and more. All of this information creating a digital picture of you so that companies can better advertise to you.

“The more that our data is collected and the more that it’s sold, the more likely that there’ll be some sort of hack and that information will get out there and we can be exposed to identity theft or other problems,” said Danny Katz, the executive director of the Colorado Public Interest Research Group.

So, his organization recently released a score card grading states on their privacy laws.

No state received an “A” and six failed altogether: Texas, Indiana, Virginia, Utah, Tennessee and Iowa.

“There should be an expectation among consumers that any data that’s collected from us, it’s the information that …

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