How Desire Paths can Transform your Branding and Public Relations
How Desire Paths can Transform your Branding and Public Relations
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How to Make Shorts & Reels in Seconds with AI ( [Video]

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How to Make Shorts & Reels in Seconds with AI (

Try Momento:

Have you ever thought about how awesome it would be if an AI could repurpose your long-form gems into viral short-form snippets? In today’s video, I’m showing you how to use I’ll discuss:

• The ins and outs of Momento: From its impressive transcription capabilities to its genius at pinpointing the juiciest, most “viral” parts of your content. It’s honestly a lifesaver!

• Watch as Momento works its magic—adding contextual images, crafting subtitles, and sprinkling just the right emojis. Trust me, it’s like watching a maestro at work.

• Remember those long hours trying to find that ONE perfect clip or the right stock image and then fumbling with captions? Momento has that all covered.

So, if you’re all about maximizing your content and letting an AI handle the nitty-gritty, you will want to check this out. And hey, while you’re at it, if you find value in what I’m sharing, a subscription would be absolutely awesome.

🎬 Chapters:
0:00 Intro to Momento?
0:37 How to Import Your Video into Momento
1:37 How to Identify and Extract Shorts from Your Video
2:31 How to Edit and Customize Your Shorts
5:18 Final Edited Shorts and Other Features
6:01 Conclusion

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