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Faucis Finances Did A Strange Thing During The Pandemic Whils American Small Businesses Got Crushed [Video]

According to a report featured in The Gateway Pundit, while countless small business owners and numerous other Americans economically suffered immeasurably during the height of the pandemic, Dr. Tony Fauci managed to do pretty dang well insofar of having his pockets lined – with his wealth reportedly increasing by roughly $5 million in said period.

In a report from Business Insider back in April of 2021, an estimated 200,000 businesses had to close their doors permanently between March 2020 and February 2021, with the outlet noting that “personal service providers, like hair and nail salons, were the hardest hit, accounting for 100,000 permanent closures.”

Of course, this hardly comes as a shock, considering that amid the height of the pandemic response (in terms of lockdowns and what were deemed as “non-essential” businesses), the reality of accruing back rent and unpaid loans while being unable to properly run certain small businesses left people with no choice but to close up shop.

As many remember from 2020, …

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