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Even if youre a scam expert, you probably havent heard about these cons | 2 Wants to Know [Video]

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Scams, we all know about them. They come in many shapes and sizes and now scammers are getting creative with how they get you. You’ve heard about scam calls and scam texts, but do you know about these scams Lechelle Yates with the Better Business Bureau told 2 Wants to Know about?

Student loan forgiveness scams

In less than a week after President Biden announced the student loan forgiveness program, consumers started reporting scams to the BBB.

What happens?

  • Scammers pretend to represent various agencies
  • They ask you to fill out an application and give personal info
  • They ask you to pay a fee
  • You give them a password, and access to your bank account

How to protect yourself:

  • Research now at and
  • Never pay money for a free government program
  • Don’t give personal info to a person you don’t know

Sports streaming scams

Many schools stream football games, soccer, and even volleyball. And scammers are taking advantage.

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