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5 Best Merchant Services for Small Business (in 2022) [Video]

Merchant services help small business owners handle electronic payment transactions which usually entail credit and debit card transactions but can also include gift cards and other electronic payments. In today’s video, we’re breaking down the top 5 best merchant services to suit your small business needs.Square ⏩ Helcim ⏩ Payment Depot ⏩ Stax ⏩ Chase ⏩ Thank you for supporting our channel by using our affiliate link. You still receive the best possible price and promotions. Your future self will thank you for taking this step to further your business.Great Tools to Help You Run Your Business:Business Banking Online with Novo ➡️ Payroll Free Trial ($100 bonus) ➡️ Outsourced Bookkeeping (save 30%) ➡️ of Contents0:00 5 Best Merchant Services for Small Business (in 2022) 0:19 Square ⏩ Affiliate disclosure 1:37 Helcim ⏩ Payment Depot ⏩ Stax ⏩ Chase ⏩ Square full reviewSquare ⏩ Helcim ⏩ Payment Depot ⏩ Stax ⏩ Chase ⏩ #WomenSMB #SmallBusiness #MerchantServices #Square #Helcim #PaymenyDepot #Stax #Chase

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Education in New Jersey | NJ Business Beat with Rhonda Schaffler | THIRTEEN [Video]

Rhonda Schaffler sits down with education experts to discuss the challenges facing k-12 schools, innovative educational programs for college students and why some advocates say we need more than student loan forgiveness to solve the issue of the high cost of college.Plus, Rhonda breaks down the major headlines of the week, speaks with financial education expert Tiffany Aliche.