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Benefits of taking a business loan via WhatsApp | Business Loan | IIFL Finance [Video]

Benefits of taking a business loan via WhatsApp | Business Loan | IIFL Finance

IIFL Finance’s business loan via WhatsApp is an industry-first and comes with several benefits.
5 Benefits of taking a business loan via WhatsApp:-
● No requirement to download another application on your mobile phone.
● No need to take bundles of print outs for KYC documents and other proofs. You can simply click a picture of
the required standard documents and send via the messenger to the bot.
● Given the simplicity and WhatsApp’s own encryption protocol, it comes with data privacy and security with
the access to personal data controlled and limited to the bot besides IIFL’s backend.
● The process does not require you to go to any branch, call and talk to a customer care agent. It is as simple
as messaging your own friend with a carefully created, process-oriented bot.
● Given that all you need is an internet connection and WhatsApp to see through it, the process is available 24/7 and you can access small business loans sitting anywhere in the world or even a small remote village.
Key Moments covered in video:-
00:00 Introduction
00:14 Benefits of WhatsApp Loan
00:59 Conclusion
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