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5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags

B.C. budget reaction: Teachers, businesses feel left out [Video]

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Despite cutting cheques adding up to a multi-billion-dollar deficit, British Columbia’s provincial government is facing disappointment and criticism from those feeling left out of the budget.

Seniors, business groups, teachers and public transit advocates are speaking out about feeling overlooked in David Eby’s first budget as premier.

While describing themselves as proud of a budget adding billions more to health-care spending – including a billion dollars towards human resources – the Health Employees’ Union pointed out seniors are left in the cold.

“What we’re disappointed with is that there’s no funding for long-term care,” said Meena Brisard, the union’s secretary-business manager.

“In 2020, the NDP government made a commitment that they would fix seniors’ care and we don’t see that money in this budget.”

The Vancouver Board of Trade handed the government a C- grade for a budget it said addresses social gaps and pours $480 million into skills training, …

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