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10 Tips to Be More Influential at Work and Excel in Career [Video]

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10 Tips to Be More Influential at Work and Excel in Career

I will discuss that being influential at work takes hard work and must be earned over time.

“It is more important to influence people than to impress them.” — Adrian Rogers, an American pastor and author

We all want to be influential and respected. We want others to appreciate our ideas and feedback. We want to contribute to the team that grows the business.

“All human beings wield influence — a powerful sword granted at birth. Wield your sword with care.” — Richelle E. Goodrich, an author

When we can influence our colleagues at work, we can achieve our goals. Our thoughts and opinions have weight. Our colleagues listen and pay attention to what we have to say.

Being influential just doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not given out on a silver platter. There’s no Disney’s FastPass for influence.

It takes hard work and must be earned over time by doing what you say you will do.

It’s about achieving excellent results. It’s about leading others through challenging times. It’s about growing your knowledge and skills to excel in your role and bring colleagues together to solve business problems and jump on opportunities.

“Your influence on others is your net worth; treat it as such.” — Peprah Boasiako, a United States Army veteran and author

There are 10 simple yet powerful ways to build more influence and gain respect. Let’s dive in.

📒 Show Notes and Resources 📒

00:15 10 Tips to Help You Be More Influential
01:08 Listen Better
02:18 Build Your Credibility
03:04 Act with Integrity
03:43 Be Consistent with Your Hard Work
04:25 Take Care of Yourself
04:58 Develop Your Skills
05:39 Help Others Succeed
06:16 Be Interested in Your Colleagues
07:01 Grow Your Emotional Intelligence
08:00 Develop Meaningful Relationships
08:36 Bringing It All Together

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About: In this video, Matthew Royse from Knowledge Enthusiast shares the 10 ways to be more influential. Listen better, build your credibility, act with integrity, be consistent with your hard work, and take care of yourself. Also, develop your skills, help others succeed, be interested in your colleagues, grow your emotional intelligence, and develop meaningful relationships. Being influential in your personal and professional life and earning the respect of others will help you grow your career and enhance your life, be seen as a respected informal or formal leader, and lead successful work projects that meet the company’s goals.

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